He looks so happy when you use the blow dryer on him… :D 


Cuz he’s like his mommy. It’s warm, and it makes our hair soft. :3

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Happy Birthday, Baby || Pierceman


At first Puck was a little worried when he spotted the tears on Brittany’s cheeks because surely he hadn’t been that bad, but then he noticed the blush, the way she dipped her head and he felt the way her heart was beating in that wicked rhythm because his was mimicking hers – pulling off that perfect synchronization that they had seemingly been born with, two hearts so clearly meant for one another.

He leaned in to kiss her softly (morning breath be damned) before he shifted them around on the bed, carefully though, pulling her into his lap, “I’m happy you liked it,” he said softly, kissing her a little more soundly this time, relishing in the way her flesh moved against his and as he broke apart, he dipped his head and nuzzled into her hair – having to briefly remind himself that, oh right, there was breakfast and it was probably time to eat and not to start up their usual way of waking up in the morning when it was just the two of them with nothing else to do. He felt the tips of his ears burn slightly at her admission and he shook his head briefly, “No… You’ve given me everything. I’m just trying to give a little back on your special day.”

They dug into the breakfast together and really – the first three times Puck dropped a grape into Brittany’s lap wasn’t on purpose, although the next four times might have been, just to have an excuse to search her thoroughly. He didn’t mean to get distracted by talking to their baby about how beautiful and amazing the future mother was either, but that stuff just sort of happened – especially on a day like today where it felt like nothing could bring down the happiness in the home of the two.

Puck placed one last kiss on her tummy before getting out of bed, dragging Brittany along with him, holding her close all the while they attempted to get dressed – which was always kind of difficult when there were suddenly eight limbs instead of four, but it didn’t matter because he loved her, he loved the games they played, the way she looked (and he made very sure to tell her this every day, just because he really didn’t want her to think that he thought of her as unattractive as she got bigger and bigger – when in reality she was just getting hotter because her ass had definitely had a slight growth spurt) – everything that she was, he treasured.

When they finally finished, he grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers as always and flashed her that special smile that would always be hers and hers alone, beckoning her upstairs, “Next present is in the garden.” He smiled brightly – a little proud of the idea that he had gotten and as they reached the garden, he stepped behind her, putting his hands over her eyes, slowly leading her forward. This part had been really tricky, because for the last two days, he’d been working on this, having done most of the work himself when she’d been at work and he hadn’t been. Keeping it away from her, however, had been neigh impossible – because it was a little visible from their living room – but she hadn’t mentioned it to him, which he took as a good sign.

“It was the day when we were at that big duck pond in New York that I… like, understood. How special you were. And like… ducks are kinda our thing now… So…” He removed his hands from her eyes and let her see the finished duck pond in their garden – it wasn’t big and the grass hadn’t settled around it all that well yet, but it would, soon enough. He pressed a kiss to her cheek, “but a duck pond isn’t really one without a duck…”

Puck told her to wait, before he breezed into the house – rushing upstairs to grab the little dude in the cupboard, carrying him gently down the stairs and out into the garden, smiling widely at the love of his life as he presented the little duckling in his arms, “One day he’ll grow up to have an awesome ‘hawk too,” he said as he ran a finger across the small extra tuft of hair the duck had, before handing it over to Brittany, “and I thought it would be nice, you know, for when the baby comes to like… have a bunch of animals around… and Tubbs promised me he wouldn’t do nothing to this little one.”

Right! Food! Phew, that was another close one. These emotions were really hard to control now. Not that it wasn’t easy to get her to pout, but now it was just crazy! As soon as Pucky pulled away from her kisses, and stopped the progress of their morning sweaty cuddles, she almost immediately started on the path to tears. But once he’d turned to the tray of food, her face just as quickly brightened and she grabbed for anything she could reach to start to stuff into her mouth. Suddenly, she was very much aware of how hungry she was for actual food, and NOT just for the gorgeous man she shared a bed with. 

And a house with.

And a baby with.

Gosh, he was so perfect and cute and their baby was gonna be so loved and attractive and spoiled and— oof!

Just when she’d gotten used to the flow of the moment (and the fact that Pucky was NOT allowed to eat in bed anymore… well, unless it was /her/…) he was pulling her off the bed and towards the closet. When they had become the couple who put ON more clothes instead of taking them off, she had no idea, but he was clearly still excited about something. As far as she knew, there was only a party later tonight with her friends. But for now, she thought it would be nakey times with her man. Apparently he had different ideas.

For a second, she thought maybe she was getting there when their usual routine for trying to get dressed together lead to even more grindy hips and mini-make-out sessions. But when pants were actually put on, and she was officially wearing one of her new stretchy dresses, she knew the jig was up. And sure enough, he was dragging her up the stairs and out of the house.

The pouty-complainy Britt was gonna come out real soon if she didn’t get her sexy times soon. Wasn’t there a song about this?! Birthday sex! This was important! Of all people, she thought Pucky would agree! What on Earth could be more important than—

"OHMYGOSHNOYOUDIDN’TPUCKYDON’TEVENSAYIT!" she squealed, immediately dropping to her knee’s in front of the little pond, and making little clicky noises as her fingers searched the grass. She’d been waiting for little aminals to start wobbling towards her, but when there were none, she’d looked up with a pout forming YET AGAIN. This had to be a record for the number of pouts a guy could make a girl wear on her birthday.

Waiting was almost unbearable. She was fidgeting on her knee’s, swishing her dress against the grass and wiggling her toes in the newly plotted soil around the little rock paths. It was about 50 long sighs of sadness and anticipation in when her boyfriend finally reappeared. Her head snapped up, and her eyes had gone so wide with glee that they’d nearly popped out of her head. Regardless of how fidgety and excited she CLEARLY was, the way her little hands cradled the little bird in between them had such gentleness that even a surgeon couldn’t mimic.

Within a second, she was bringing it up to her face and rubbing her cheek against the puffy versions of feathers that the little guy hadn’t yet sprouted. Her eyes started to well up with tears again out of sheer happiness when she looked back over to her man. Her side leaned right into his, and she brought the little duck up to Puck’s face. “Give him a kiss.” she cooed, in the softest of baby voices, just before lowering her hands to the ground so their newest addition could hobble off and right into the water. “It’s like he know’s it’s his home.” she whispered, one of her arms going around Puck’s waist. Which was perfect. Because they were finding out quickly that this is where they belonged, too.


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Written on the inside in cursive: Simply because it’s a Saturday and you’re a beautiful pregnant lady with cravings. It’s crazy ridiculous how much I miss you, but I know this is for the best. You’re going to be an amazing mother because you’re amazing in everything you do.

- Brody


(The five pound gummy bear [cherry, lemon, and apple flavors] is equal to 1400 regular sized bears)

Brittany squeals louder than she’d ever squealed. Drool, may or may not, have leaked from her lips and she immediately took out her phone to text her bestfriend… AFTER she’d already bitten off the whole ear with an innocent smile in her boyfriend’s direction.

Happy Birthday, Baby || Pierceman


So. Puck had it all planned out. Brittany had been at work yesterday and since both yesterday and today had been his days off of work, he had been napping appropriately throughout the day to try and make sure that he would wake up first. It proved to be immensely difficult when he had his gorgeous girl wrapped tightly in his arms and on any other day, they could’ve just stayed like that and it would have been perfect to him. But not today – today was Brittany’s birthday. Her first birthday with him, actually, and he wanted to make sure that she would remember it years down the line.

Thus, he tried his very best to slip quietly out of bed (which was just so very difficult) although he managed in the end, after a somewhat furious struggle with the covers. He crept quietly out of the door and upstairs to the kitchen. First off, he would make her breakfast in bed because he could cook a little; breakfast was something that he could at the very least handle. He made sure to not be as noisy as he usually would and load a ton of grapes onto the tray as well – since she had grown so incredibly fond of those, during her pregnancy.

Briefly, he wondered if she would get any more weird food cravings and since it was Brittany, he figured she probably would. He made a mental note to get more familiar with the shops in the area, before trudging up to the top floor – meeting Tubbs there and peering at him curiously, “I thought we had a deal, man. You didn’t touch him, right?” Tubbs merely looked at Puck lazily, as if he felt offended that Puck would dare to suggest he had broken their deal.

He snuck into the small cupboard and fed the little one, apologizing for the darkness and making promises that he would be out, soon. Then he grabbed the thing he had borrowed from Rachel and Blaine back in New York and slung it over his shoulder, closing the door to the cupboard again. He made his way downstairs again, very, very carefully, balancing the tray in his hands while making sure the guitar didn’t scrape against the floor and woke her up.

Before they had moved out to Michigan, Puck had been planning the first part of her birthday and he’d been training with both Rachel and Blaine quite a bit, to make sure he kind of had it down. He hadn’t had a guitar to practice with until he had been back in New York though, but he felt confident enough that he wouldn’t screw it up entirely. He snuck into the bedroom, setting down the tray carefully and putting away the guitar for the time being as he crawled back into bed, crawling underneath the covers.

Making his way underneath the covers to her stomach, he pressed his lips against the small bump that would one day be their baby, mumbling softly, “Morning baby,” before he started to place small kisses on her stomach, letting his mouth lead the way upwards, chest, collarbone, neck, chin, jaw, before finally placing a soft kiss on her lips, “Happy birthday, baby.”

He lay with her for a bit, cuddling her awake – which didn’t take too long as she seemed to realize it was her birthday – and he grinned, kissing her again before he scrambled out of bed, “I got you breakfast and a kind of gift,” he admitted as he walked over, retrieving the tray before setting it on the bed, “The real gifts come later,” he assured her, walking back to the guitar and picking it up.

“I heard this song on the radio a couple of months ago and I was just like… You know how I sometimes find it hard to say things?” he halfway asked, halfway stated, “This is like… Uh… Yeah, you’ll hear.” Puck swallowed a lump, feeling his ears burn rather hotly with what he was about to do, then cleared his throat as he started to play the first few chords of the song – Foreigner’s ‘I’ve been waiting for a girl like you’ had struck a chord with Puck as soon as he had heard it.

He messed up the chords once or twice, but he knew the song by heart and he couldn’t help but search for her eyes as he hit the part of the song that he liked the most, “From the moment I wake up till deep in the night, there’s nowhere on earth that I’d rather be, than holding you, tenderly,” and as he finished, he looked down at the ground, biting his lower lip before putting the guitar away, running a hand through his Mohawk sheepishly, “I’m… Yeah. I do have real presents too, don’t worry.” He said with a grin.

Dancing was really hard when you couldn’t even see your feet…

The past few days at work left Brittany more pouty than anything. Of course, her bosses tried to explain to her that she was to be TEACHING and INSTRUCTING the others on how the technique worked, not actually dancing herself… but that was how Brittany taught best! By playing show and tell! And then touching everyone’s booty’s and showing them how far to spread their legs. DUH!

It was impossible to be pouty, today, though. She’d been hopping around her house (And her parents house) all week, singing about how there was a very special day coming up. So as she drove home from work today, there was a huge and cheesy smile on her face. Because she just KNEW that there would be something super awesome waiting for her. Even if her birthday wasn’t technically until tomorrow…

Much like she’d expected, her phone and her timeline blew up at midnight with millions of birthday wishes. Both from people she knew well, and people she only heard from once a year; when facebook reminded them it was her birthday. Plus, Mommy and Daddy had a cake ready for her, and had walked over with it, singing with candles the moment her and Pucky opened the door to their midnight visitors.

Of course, something had happened to Brittany that had never happened before… she didn’t want the cake.

But, we’re not going to talk about that. She dare not speak of it. Baby just wasn’t being nice to her last night.

Now, though; it was morning.

Her dreams had been filled with balloons and puppies. Why puppies? She had no idea. But they were fluffy, and cute, and THEY were eating the cake. So she was sure she was smiling in her sleep. Curled up in the strong arms of her boyfriend, the plump and furry body of her cat nuzzled in her arms, and the strong heartbeat within her stomach guiding her heart on it’s mission to make these dreams as filled with love and excitement as any she’d ever had.

It wasn’t until she was woken up that her happiness had really begun. Normally, being stirred for anything other than sweaty cuddles, or Rugrats, would leave her a bit grumpy. But on a day like today, and for a reason like this, it was difficult not to let her smile break her face. Even from behind the smushed blushy cheeks (pillow parks still in tact) her face was radiant as she looked over her boyfriend’s surprise. Or more, heard it.

The tousles of her hair had been untamed, sticking up in random places and framing perfectly around her innocence ridden eyes. The bright blues still so filled with dreams that they would glow while they watched him, strumming his guitar and filling her half-sleepy head with melodies she’d only ever dreamed about. It wasn’t anything Brittany could really explain; how much she adored when Pucky would sing for her. Something about a guy with musical talent, and the way his voice would husk. The thin lines of his eyes when he’d squint, and the hard curve of his jaw when it clenched because his face would always show every emotion he felt as every lyric left his lips. If it weren’t for the fact that she knew she had morning breath, and that there was french toast to be eaten, she might even be a little more than kinda turned on.

She’d tried to talk, at first. To squeal a little and assure him that this was the best present she’d ever gotten ever in forever. But just a small squeak came out initially. With a bit of a darker blush, she cleared her throat and scooted closer, bringing one of her balled fists up to rub at her puffy eyes. It was then, as she laid her head against his chest, that she realized she was crying. Her stomach was tingling, as was her chest, and everything felt so incredibly warm. “That was the perfectest present, Pucky.” she admitted, mumbling into his shirt with that vulnerable voice that just SCREAMED freshly woken. Her head nuzzled him, her hands searched for his to bring them to her stomach. “And this. Our baby.” Craning her head to glance up at him, she smiled, the sparkles of sleep still dazzling in her bright blue irises. “You’ve given me everything.” …BUT, she still wanted a kitty. Which made her giggle, innocently.

The Unknown Duckling || Pierceman


Puck had no objections as Brittany guided him into the chair instead and she crawled into her usual spot, sitting on his lap. He briefly wondered how long she would be able to do that, although he decided it would probably be best to not voice that thought right now, he wrapped his arms around her as always – letting his hand play with her curls, twirling one around his finger and wondering whether their little one would have curls as well – as the thought flashed through his mind, he couldn’t stop his smile and he buried his face in her hair, feeling a lot more calm and down to earth as everything about her was just… familiar and good and… Home.

He thought over her words a couple of times – four months. Which meant that the moment of magic had happened before he had to disappear and then it had just been… growing, in there, the entire time he had been gone. He felt bad immediately, his brow furrowing slightly – this wasn’t exactly how it was supposed to happen nor was it how he had imagined it to happen, but… No matter the circumstances – this was going to happen now. He winced when she shouted though – but suddenly it made sense, to him. The weird habit of dipping her bread into the milk and eating so many grapes. And she hadn’t known, so of course she had acted the way she always did… But not anymore, she was going to eat properly to make sure their baby would grow the way it was supposed to be, his heart tingling inside of his chest, almost giddy at the thought of their baby.

Puck couldn’t hide the wicked grin on his face as she showed him her stomach – now that he knew what was going on, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed. He traced his fingertips across the small stretch marks, grinning a little, “They look like battle-scars,” he said with a soft chuckle. He pulled her close and kissed her cheek, “did the doctor say, like… anything about whether it’s going to be a little dude or chick?”

Puck would have no idea what to do with a little girl, but on the other hand, no idea what to do with a little boy, either. It wasn’t like he had any role models… or, well, he had Joey. Swallowing a lump, he would definitely have to talk to him – because… Puck wanted this, he wanted a family more than anything, but did he know anything about being a daddy? Aside from Brittany’s small pointers? He placed a hand underneath her chin, pulling her close for a kiss again – a slow, tentative and slightly scared kiss. He had no doubts that Brittany would be amazing, but—He mentally cursed himself, there was still quite a ways to go and she would undoubtedly teach him to do things like, change diapers and they would go to those breathing classes together and—

A thought suddenly struck him and his eyes widened slightly, looking at her with an almost scared expression, “But… we’ve had like… sweaty cuddles a lot after you got… you know, pregnant, then. Is that gonna hurt the baby?”

"No. We can find that out next time if we wanna know." 20 weeks, he said. That’s when you could know. Sometimes, he said, people waited until the day it was born to find out, but she KNEW for a FACT that she wouldn’t be able to wait that long. Surprises were amazing and stuff, but when you KNEW they were coming, they were more like torture.

His next question made her giggle at first. She’d started to say that WELL DUH ISOKAY! But then she stopped and thought about it. Really, she had no idea if it was or not. What if you poked them in the head? Or what if… what if they could hear you?! Slowly, her eyes went wide, then her brow furrowed and there was legitimate horror in her eyes as she whispered at him. “I… dunno…” Oh no! Welp, NO MORE sweaty cuddles until they knew for sure. “I’ll make sure to ask the doctor next time we see him. Or I can ask mommy and daddy.” she nodded, proud of her conclusion. See?! She was already being a better mommy! If she could really stay away from the gorgeous piece of sexy that was her boyfriend, for the sake of her baby, then no one could say she didn’t make sacrifices. “I’ll go see ‘em in the mornin’.” she smiled.

After a second, she cleared her throat, her voice going serious. There was still a rather large part of all of this that they hadn’t quite covered yet. Her whole reason for waiting so long to tell him… “Pucky… what about… well… y’know..” Chewing on her lip, Brittany cuddled in closer, tracing her finger up and down his neck and diverting her eyes. She was almost afraid to ask. Like… maybe he’d forgot, and it was better to let it be forgotten. “You said… that we weren’t ready. And I don’t wanna make you do something—…” She had to stop herself, unaware of where she was going with that. All day for the past three days had been spent making all this happen so that he could be part of this growing family with her. And only now was she remembering, and stopping to think about how, he hadn’t wanted to a few days ago…

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The Unknown Duckling || Pierceman


Oh, shit. Wrong thing to say. Brittany started getting for real teary and explaining it away and Puck took both of her hands in his, “No Ducky, no,” he started as he pressed a kiss to both of her hands, before placing both her hands and his own on her stomach – in truth, he hadn’t even considered whether the child would be his or not, these days everything with Finn felt like distant memory more than anything. “I mean…” He started, unsure of how to word his thoughts coherently – there were so many racing through his head.

Swallowing a lump he removed his eyes from hers, to look at her stomach again – a kind of awestruck feeling hitting him again because in there was… not just a baby, but their baby, their child. Something that had a little bit of both of them and would one day be walking and talking and he would be a dad and… He swallowed a lump and, still holding her hand, reached up to wipe a stray tear away, “I just… We made… a baby? Like… a little you and a little me?” He asked, even if he knew the answer – it was painted all around them.

Puck shut his eyes tightly and leaned down to kiss her tummy – completely in awe of all of this. Because Brittany was sitting here and telling him that she was pregnant, that the two of them would have a baby, would have a family of their own and their children would be raised by loving parents and they would live here and not be shifted around like something that wasn’t wanted.

Because, even if Puck hadn’t seen this coming (and he should probably have, but none of that mattered now) there was no doubt that their little one would be both wanted and loved and Brittany trusted him to take care of not only her, but of their family, now. It meant more than he could ever say, that even after everything, she wanted this as much as him.

His heart was doing something incredibly crazy and he knew that Brittany would feel the wicked way his heart was beating as well so he wiped his eyes again, before looking up at her and he almost got knocked back by the surge of affection he felt as he saw her – mother to their unborn child. “We’re gonna be… like… a mom and dad.” He said almost reverently, when a thought hit him all of a sudden – how far along had she said she was? “Wait… five months?” He asked, a confused expression appearing on his face – weren’t girls supposed to be all big and stuff when they were pregnant?

Ah, “Well duh.” she rolled her eyes, letting the smile find her face again. Looks like she’s gonna have to teach Pucky how to talk to her all over again. A few days away and he already forgets how easy it is for your words to sound like something they’re not.

After about the third time he’d squeezed her hands, practically using them as his own, she pulled them away from him, but only to touch his face. Cradling each side of it and running her thumbs over the stubble forming on his jaw. All of this had kept her from just… being with him. Setting all of this up and waiting for him to reach her made his homecoming, and their reunion, unbearably cold. Now that it was all out of the way, it was her turn to get what she needed out of this.

Slipping from the chair in the same moment that she pulled him up with her, she moved him so that his back was facing the chair. Something that had come over her made her care very little for instructions or warning. Not that she was very good at that, anyway. But instead of allowing him the chance to sit, she just pushed him back until he’d fallen into the seat, were she automatically crawled right into his lap and curled into a ball. And for a moment, she had to laugh. After all, it almost looked like he was the daddy, sitting in the rocker, holding his baby. And in a way… he was. Both of them.

"Yeah. When I went last week, he said four months. Which is like, a super duper long time." And which meant that she was pregnant when he left… and that she was pregnant, carrying his child while he was gone… But she couldn’t think about that again. Not now. It always hurt her head a little. No matter how great of a miracle it was that she was able to keep a piece of him when he left. "And he said that I have to stop dancing so much, and start eating more, because my diet and ex..ser..size… yeah, ex er size.. well, it was keeping the baby from growing as fast." That part made her sad. Because SHE was being a bad mommy. She wasn’t just hurting herself… but she was hurting her baby. Their baby. "BUT I’VE BEEN EATING A LOT AND I HAVEN’T REALLY DANCED SINCE I FOUND OUT!" she almost shouted, turning to him as if to excuse herself. And that, was why she was getting so big so fast now.

Lifting up her shirt a little, and tugging her pants down, she let him REALLY see her stomach, without fabric covering it, for the first time in a while. How it was rounded and protruding to where she’d started wearing pants with elastic bands only. There were a few small stretch marks on her side from the way her body had kicked into gear so suddenly. But she didn’t mind them so much. Mommy said that if she used that lotion stuff every day, that they would fade, and she wouldn’t get no more.

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